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  1. elbriedekock
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Can anyone out there help with a solution to a problem? I have a wordpress site and want the features of a multilingual site but my different languages are variants of English!! So en_US, en_GB and en_ZA all are 'english' but with variations in spelling etc. I can't find .mo files for en_GB and en_ZA? I am using WPML plugin to help with this, but they don't really support variants in English.

    I would also like to have only certain pages to show up depending on the Region chosen, including region specific menus.

    Is it best to rather create different websites?

    PLEASE there must be someone out there with the same problem / already have a solution?

  2. Marcel Andrew
    Posted 3 years ago #

    because using ( since his original conception ) taxonomies based on language iso (en_US, en_GB or other) and .po/.mo, I know that xili-language plugin can solve your issue - (but you must leave wpml plugin... )
    Expose your wishes in contact form or in forum here : http://dev.xiligroup.com/?forum=xili-language-plugin

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