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  • Hi,
    I am a very basic user, and I would like to know how to organize a multilanguage website. I would like to have some flag iconos on the top of my pages, and then to switch language by clciking on it. Translating will be up to me: in other words, i am going to translate text of my posts, and ideally i would be able to add some post for only one language.

    Should I use multisites?
    And then should i use multi domain, or multifolder?

    Thnak you

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  • Hi Chiara,

    I’ve done exactly the same that you want to do. I’ve set up a network in WP (instructions in WP Codex), used the main site for my primary language and created sites in subdirectories for each of the other languages.

    I’ve used a plugin called WordPress language to choose the language for each site (it allows you to set one language for the admin dashboard and another for the site as the user sees it, so I have English for all my dashboard and different languages on the sites). This ensures that messages provided by WP to the user (Log In, Categories, Post a comment and so on) are in the same language as your content.

    Then I’ve used another plugin to put the language flags: it’s called Language Bar Flags and puts a bar on the top of your screen with the flags you want. You can associate a link and a hover text with each flag, so that they link to each of your subsites’ home. It won’t allow you to switch directly from a post or page to its counterpart in another language, but it’s an easy, effective solution if your sites are not exactly the same.

    Everything has been working fine for weeks. It doesn’t work at all since Saturday though (I can’t access the subsites), and I can’t locate where the problem is. May be caused by updating to 3.5.1. version, or something to do with my hosting, no idea. So I don’t dare promise it’ll work for you – I hope so, though.

    Hi, I have similar needs, like Ricettedelcuore’s:
    My main site is: and hosted in iPage.
    There, my posts will be exclusively in english. But I want to set up similar contents in spanish and french. Similar here means that some articles will be translated from english, and some will be written in their original foreign languages. I’m not sure about the best way to proceed. My requirements are:

    1. I want to keep and use the address: which is a domain I own.

    2. For the “satellite” languages, I guess the best approach is to create subdomains like: and (because I have selected the option of subfolders with multisite)

    3. I’m not even sure if a simple WordPress installation is capable of fulfilling my needs and I’m just over-complicating things.

    4. I don’t want ANY robotic translation of anything. Anything different from a perfect translation hurts the purpose of the sites. So any language plugin should only MANAGE the respective pieces of text generated by human translators, and NOT translate the pieces themselves.

    5. I need that the language of the advertisements correspond with the language of the respective language group, for example, the ads for should be only in spanish, and maybe also in sync with the user’s country.

    And finally, I’m not quite sure of what to do to create the subsites: and

    Any clue would be highly appreciated, thanks.

    Thank’s for suggestions, nereycamille.
    I am having problems with some plugin tools since one-two weeks… (Newsletter for ex.).

    Anyway, if you still have problems with language plugins, i have found this one (but not tried yet)
    Multisite language switcher.

    I still don’t understand if it’s better creating subdomains, or subfolders.
    Ex. or\english

    Thank you!

    Hi carlosebotero,

    The installation I described above for Chiara should work for you as well. What you want to create are not subdomains, but subdirectories:
    -a subdomain site would be
    -a subdirectory site would be
    However with the WP network both solutions are possible.

    You just need to use one simple WP installation. You have to follow some simple steps to enable the creation of a network (instructions at Then you can create as many WP sites as you want. I don’t know about the ads, but all the rest should be fine.

    However in your case, there may be better solutions, like the plugin Multisite language switcher. I’ve heard of it but never tried it.


    You’re welcome. I’ve heard of this plugin, but never tried it, it seemed too complicated. Perhaps it isn’t, but I’m not an expert at WP, I’ve been using it for a month.

    I chose subdirectories because it seemed simpler. I hear there are some extra requirements to set up subdomains, but I’ve never tried.

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