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    Hi Samuel, Amazing plugin! It works soo smooth! Loving it.
    I have the following questions, to tweak this a little further:
    1- How do you think I can do to support a 2nd instance of the menu in a 2nd language? My site has both English/Spanish versions, but I don’t seem to find the way to setup menu in both languages.

    2- Is there a way to disable the underline effect on the menu options when mousing over them?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Silva


    Hi @bigbangcrea , thank you! 🙂

    About your questions:
    1- FullScreen Menu is compatible with Polylang plugin. Is this plugin you are using to make your billing website?

    2- Yes! Please check Animated FullScreen Menu-> Design/Appearance-> Hover Effects. There you will find another hover effects. If you choose “Background Color on Hover” and to select a transparent color, nothing will happens when mousing over.

    Let me know if it helps you!

    Hi Samuel,

    1- You are right. I am using Polylang plugin to translate the site. But I don’t seem to find the way to show the menu un the right language. I created 2 different menus (English and Spanish) on WordPress Menus options, but the Menu plugin only allows to select 1 menu. If I select the Spanish one, I will always see spanish menu options. Is there a way to select different menus depending on language?

    Plugin Author Samuel Silva


    In this case, you need to use “WordPress Menu Location” option, and in each menu you created, you just need to select “Animated Fullscreen Menu English” or “Animated Fullscreen Menu Spanish” version (see menu settings below)

    Sorry, this is inside your plugin settings or where? I can’t find any ‘WordPress Menu Location’ option.

    Sorry! Just found the option! It works perfectly! Thanks soo much!!! =)

    Plugin Author Samuel Silva


    Perfect 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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