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  • First of all: Thanks for the great tool, I really like it so far!

    But there is one thing I can not figure out… I am using the list-view display for a Google Calendar and multiday events are displayed for each single day. Is there an option to list the event just once?

    What I would like to see (symbolical):
    Monday – Wednesday

    What I see instead (symbolical):

    I could not find the answer so far, neither in the documentation nor in this forum (there was the same question once, 1 year and 2 months ago by brothersimon, but it was not answered). So thanks for your support!

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  • Plugin Author room34


    Unfortunately there’s not a way around this right now… it basically comes down to the fact that I haven’t had much feedback on this particular combination (multi-day events in list view). List view kind of evolved from the original month view, which necessarily repeated the event each day, since the grid is a table. But I see the benefit in not displaying them this way in list view.

    I’ll look into what it would take to add this as an option. On the surface it doesn’t seem like it would be too complicated, but there are potential issues with a) events that span across months and b) displaying ongoing events within the date range (e.g. the range has already started before “today”).

    Wow, thanks for the immediate answer! Don’t worry, the plugin is fulfilling most of my demands, so this is just a small esthetic issue. Anyways, thanks for the support 🙂

    Plugin Author room34


    No problem… and feel free to give me a “nudge” in a couple of weeks if I haven’t gotten to this yet.

    Thanks for this great plugin.
    The described problem is the only issue that’s not perfect for me. So I would be happy, too, if multiday events in list view could be summarized in one.

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