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  • I’m starting a blog which will (hopefully!) have content added frequently by multiple authors. I definitely want to only list excerpts on the home page. I’ve read a few posts on that and think I can make that happen. But I’d also like to have them listed in two columns, I think chronologically. Ideally I’d have the most recent post’s excerpt two columns wide. On the second “line” would be the 2nd most recent on the left, with the 3rd most recent on the right. The third “line” would have the 4th and fifth. Etc. Like the default WP themes I’d keep a full column on the extreme right for links, etc.

    Has anyone attempted this? I’m handy with PHP but haven’t looked into the code yet. I’ll have to say the wordpress setup was wonderfully simple (I’ve set up many MT blogs).


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  • Replying to my own post, I got this going without much effort. I created two new styles, postleft and postright. I included a tracking variable in the main page loop to determine which style to use. Done. Real easy to read the code; I continue to be impressed with how clean WP is.

    If anyone’s interested I’ll post the theme when I’m done with it. Right now it otherwise looks like the default theme.

    Isn’t that a bit like my MilkXT theme?

    A little (like MilkXT). You’re using column 1 for posts, and column 2 for comments (at least from the page I saw). That’s a nice setup. I’ve set this up where both 1 and 2 are for posts. For now, this will be a comment-free blog.

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