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    Hiya !

    Well, as any other related post plugin, there is a little problem in case of multicategories.

    Settings are global, not “per post”. So, if i want a list on post related, but ONLY on THIS category : it is not possible.

    Any possibility to have a custom fields, or a check box to have “display posts of related categories” wit the list ofthoses catsto display ?

    Would be great 🙂

    And approach perfection 😉


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  • Plugin Author mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)


    I’m not sure exactly what you’re describing, but YARPP might let you do this already…

    In YARPP’s settings, in the top right “screen options”, display the “Relatedness” options. There, you can specify that all related posts have at least one category in common. I think this is what you want.

    Otherwise, what you’re describing may be possible with some custom coding. See the readme for a description of different parameters that the yarpp_related() function can take.



    well the problem is this scenario :

    lets take 5 posts that share at least 2 categories

    on post A (cat 1 & 2) i need to link cat 1 posts ONLY , but NOT cat 2 posts. I dont see really something like that in options 🙂

    The relativeness takes both categories, so i have the nice listing of all post from cat 1 and 2. And would like to select only cat 1 🙂

    thanks for quick answer anyway !

    Plugin Author mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)


    I see.

    One thing you could try is to create a YARPP custom template (http://mitcho.com/blog/projects/yarpp-3-templates/) which looks at the results, sorts them based on category, and then only displays the ones which you want. This would require some PHP coding, but isn’t impossible. Best of luck.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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