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  • Hi, just a small suggestion – since not everybody uses iso encoding, it would be wise to add feature to admin panel (maybe dropdown list) which will allow users to change the encoding of wp_dtree_cache table (especially content column).

    Now, multibyte characters on sidebar are shown as “?” ( or something else strange) when the site is not set with iso8859-1….

    The default encoding for cache table is latin-1 – its ok, but many people – like me – are using utf-8 in their databases. I altered manually the table, but not everyone would be able to do this.

    sorry for english..


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  • I completely agree!
    This should be brought to the attention of the plugin author: it is useless when using the WP’s default utf-8 encoding (which everybody should, even plugin authors!!!) – it screws up the Page titles, category names etc.

    Why does it overwrite the blog’s encoding? That’s crap.

    At least put a warning next to the download link: NO USE FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGES!

    michuw – thanks for the information. I’ll make sure to set the character encoding specifically in the next release. I’ll have it default to whatever DB_CHARSET is set to.

    moshu: WP-dTree does not overwrite anything. The cache encoding might default to something other than your wordpress setting, but that doesn’t affect anything but the plugin itself. Nothing is overwritten and nothing is damaged, so stop scarying the kids.

    Since you’re so riled up about it, take some time and update the codex article on creating tables with plugins, since it mentions encoding issues exactly zilch times.

    Nothing is overwritten and nothing is damaged, so stop scarying the kids.

    It IS freaking damaged!
    Without your plugin the category names and Page titles display correctly even with non-ASCII characters: accent, umlauts etc.
    When your plugin is activated – nothing works: all the Page titles and category names that are not ASCII characters do NOT display correctly.

    I don’t care WHY it is happening. It is happening and until you correct it I will tell everybody that the plugin doesn’t work correctly with languages other than English. Don’t get stuck on technicalities: I am not a coder geek. It doesn’t matter that is not “overwriting”. It is converting (is that better?) my completely valid Page titles and category names to a wrong encoding. Period.

    (and YOU can update any Codex article as well, if you found anything wrong. It is not the moderators “duty” to update it – it is a community effort, FYI)

    moshu: as soon as you disable the plugin, everything’s back to normal. Thus, it does not destroy anything.

    And for what it’s worth; I manage half a dozen blogs. None of them are english. All of them work well with WP-dTree. I’m not saying this issue isn’t real – it obviously would be better to use DB_CHARSET and I will in the future – but umlauts (ÄÖÅäöÜü) and accents (éâ) have definetly not caused me any troubles.

    I don’t have access to edit the codex. It would benifit everyone if you just gathered a few notes about the issue, and update the query examples to explicitly set the table collation.

    michuw: I’ve commited version 3.3.1 now. It should fix your problems. I would appreciate it if you could test it for me and let me know for sure.

    Thanks for your effort!

    If any other plugin authors or WP users are facing problems with char encoding, I recommend the following sources:
    Codex article on Character Encoding
    Codex article on converting your old WP install to UTF-8
    Forum discussion about converting to UTF-8

    Thread Starter michuw


    ulfben: thank you, i shall let you know tommorow evening about the results


    Thread Starter michuw


    Works perfectly, it should now work corectlly on every wordpres installation.

    thanks for great plugin


    Hi ulfben,

    I was wondering if you plan to update the dTree soon.

    I use this plugin without a hitch on my (English-only) site. Now, I was hoping to use it on another, which is a multilingual site (English and Chinese).

    The plugin (v. 3.3) does not allow for parsing of the language tags.


    also, i would like to use the plugin for smoothly displaying my blogroll links….

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