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  • I have some solid, production-tested PHP code I wrote which runs about 80 websites from a central codebase. I think I could port it WP and enable MultiBlog with relative ease.
    Anyone already working on this? I’ve checked the Wiki and this forum and it looks like no one is.
    Please advise. I’d like to avoid duplication of efforts.

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  • Korgan and MooKitty said they were going to start work on this:

    This is still in the planning stages. We are currently dissecting WP1.3 to plan it properly so that coding is reduced to bugger all.
    The intended end result (from my perspective, not speaking for Kitten) is to have the same multiblog functionality as WP (or even b2evo) for example.
    If you want to help, feel free to email me or Kitten, or get hold of us in #wordpress

    A wiki page has been started on this topic to collaborate plans and outline ideas and possibilities. You can find it in the WordPress wiki here

    I suggest that you look at the new wiki page for this. I am no longer able to participate in this particular project and so there is not really much point in looking at my websites for updates on this. The wiki page I have linked here is the best place to look for info about this.

    So how does this relate to this WordPress MU? See
    “Using WordPress Multi-user edition you will be able to people be able to sign up for a new blog and have them securely manage their templates and settings without affecting any other users. Only one blog per user is allowed, but you can have unlimited users, and you can have multiple users on a single blog.”
    I can find no mention of this in your Wiki!
    Best wishes

    The point of a Wiki is that it is not “your” Wiki, but “our” Wiki. Sign up and add your information.

    OK … point taken … never used a Wiki before but have now signed up. It seems to me that a multi-user WordPress is critical to its future. The point of my previous anonymous post was that the WordPress MU announcement gives the impression of a coherent development multi blog generating activity. Yet when I look at the Wiki I can find no mention of this work? So someone like me who is evaluating different open source candidates for large scale adoption in say a university finds it hard to come to any decisions. I really want to use WordPress but to scale up it’s use for potentially thousands of users the process has got to be automated, e.g. . authenticate against LDAP database, authorize via student record database, automatically generate blog, e.g. At the same time we need the facility for external users to sign up for a blog by filling in a simple form, e.g. name of blog, user id, password and that’s it.

    there are lots of other tools offering multiple blogs e.g. Movable Type, Expression Engine, b2evo to name but three. I don’t understand why people are putting so much pressure on WP to add this functionality when all they have to do is use another system.

    I don’t understand why people are putting so much pressure on WP to add this functionality when all they have to do is use another system.
    It’s not pressure. It’s desire. 🙂 And I switched from MT to WordPress and don’t want to keep switching. WP works for me. It’s open source and it has all the potential I’m looking for in blogsoftware. (except for the multiblog).
    Anyway, I don’t switch easily in life…
    Apakuni, it sounds as if you have a rather good solution for multiblog. Perhaps it’s even as good as one could hope for. Why not talk to some people and make it into a 1.3-multiblog version of WordPress, next to the ‘regular’ 1.3 version. People could choose which one they prefer, and perhaps your solution could in the end prove to be an excellent way of adding the multiblog feature. People could test it and give feedback on it, and when it’s working OK it could then become part of WordPress. Why inventing the wheel twice?

    The problem is the term multi-blog means different things to different people. I accept there are alternative systems which support multiple blogs but they are all designed with small number of users and blogs in mind. Now picture a scenario where each student in a college or university is entitled to a blog, say 6-7000 students plus say 1000 staff. Who wants to have to manually create and maintain that lot? … that’s what most blog engines supporting multiple blogs expect you to do. However, visit and voila! a few details and you’re in business. The first open source blog engine that supports such enterprise level scalability will clean up … and still be as usable for those who just want a more modest personal publishing solution.

    We’re working on it. 🙂

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