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  1. danieleq
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Is anyone aware of a WordPress plug-in or forum software for use with multiple websites?. We deal in niche products in a number of high-tech fields. I want to add forums to most of the websites but I know that we cannot get enough traffic to support each field. Therefore, I hope to use one of the websites to act as the “parent” to display all of the form categories.

    Each of the niche websites might display one, two or more forum categories. When a user submits a post or reply using one of the child websites it will simultaneously display in the forum on the parent. Likewise, when a user submits to the forum on the parent website it will display in one or more of the niche websites, depending on the category to which it was submitted.

    All of the websites will deal in some area of technology, and many technologies overlap. This is why there may be multiple websites displaying the same categories. If you need more information contact me direct. I prefer software compatible with the word press although I will consider anything that will work for my application.

    If there are more than one word press forum plug-ins for this application then I’m most interested in hearing of opinions from anyone who has used any of the plug-ins on multiple websites as I detailed above.


  2. Is anyone aware of a WordPress plug-in or forum software for use with multiple websites?.

    You mean ... Multisite? :)

    Yep. Install this - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mu-sitewide-tags/ - on your main site and it will pull in all the other posts on the other sites in an SEO friendly way.

    Remember: Having the exact same content on multiple websites is bad.

  3. danieleq
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Will this plugin work with forum posts? This is what I'm looking for. I want all forum posts from a number of WP forums to display on one main "parent" site. And, each of the "child" sites to display one or more categories from this parent forum.

    Naturally, a user can post and reply in the forum categories on the parent site and any of the child sites which displays the category in which the post was submitted.

    This way the category of the forum determines which child site displays the post or reply.

    At this point I'm asking ONLY about forums.


  4. At this point I'm asking ONLY about forums.

    I don't believe so, since the point of Multisite is separate sites. But... BuddyPress may be what you're looking for when it comes to that.

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