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  • sankettripathi44_qhvfq0p6


    I am using YITH MULTI VENDOR plugin in my website. and when i open admin area with seller account then i show very different menu.
    I want that if possible that seller user role created by YITH MULTI VENDOR plugin take no effect by this plugin, please help me because i love this plugin and don’t want to leave this and multi vendor support is very important.

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  • Plugin Author Janis Elsts


    When you say that you wan the seller role to “take no effect by this plugin”, do you mean that you want to:

    A) Show the same menu to all roles including the the seller role instead of showing a different menu to the seller role. In other words, the seller role should have no effect on the menu.

    B) Prevent Admin Menu Editor from changing the menu for the seller role. In other words, ensure that AME has no effect on what the seller role sees.

    Option A is most likely not possible with this plugin. It really depends on how YITH MULTI VENDOR implements the menu changes. Chances are, it won’t be possible to override those changes with Admin Menu Editor.

    Option B could be achievable if you’re very careful about how you configure the admin menu. By choosing the right capability settings, you could probably hide any custom menus from the seller role while also making sure that any menus the role could already see remain visible.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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