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  • hi – sorry to post a question that probably has been asked at length, but i am on my way out the door, and ran out of time to properly research this one.

    does anybody have any instructions how to set up multi-user-wordpress in a fast-cgi environment? i can get the primary website up and running no problem, but the “child” websites i cant seem to get working. i keep running into suexec policy errors:

    [2013-02-19 15:05:51]: uid: (608/ gid: (595/ cmd: php5.cgi
    [2013-02-19 15:05:51]: target uid/gid (608/595) mismatch with directory (543/537) or program (543/537)

    any help would be VERY much appreciated!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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