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  • I’m relatively new with wordpress and have much to learn. I’ve been trying to put together a multi-user blogging and social networking website but I’m having trouble. I’d like to be able to automatically set up new user names and passwords for new users. Once these users login, they can set up their own personal photo blog linked to their account. Users can also ‘friend’ each other and view the photo blogs of others.

    I’m about to set up the buddypress plugin to explore the social networking capabilities to see if they will meet my site requirements. However most importantly, I’m still stuck on the multi-user blog problem. I’ve read up on the WordPress MU features and it seems like overkill for my project (and a lot of others looking to do the same). When each user registers, a new subdomain would need to be created on the server and a new copy of the wordpress software would need to install within that server subdomain. I think this is because wordpress mu gives the new users complete control over their wordpress blog, (ie: they can install and modify themes, create new pages, etc.) I’m just looking for a plugin that allows the new user to set up a basic photoblog where they can post a photo and text. The posting publishes in a nice, easy to use format. WordPress MU seems too cumbersome and allows too many options for new users. Is there a plugin out there that can help me achieve this? Again, just looking for new users to post picture, associated text, the postings all display on one page in chronological order. Also important, the interface to create a new post appears on the same page as the published content (unlike wordpress). This makes the interface more user-friendly.


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