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  • I’d like to add a linklog to a WP 1.22 blog but haven’t figured out how to get all the features I want.

    (btw, by linklog i mean a place to put articles of note, with the minimal elements 1) text to be linked, aka headline, and 2) the url.)

    * Registered users of level 1 or higher can submit links
    * Links are submitted using a simplified content form, like with rebelpixel’s wp–recent–links
    * All users would be able to comment on entries, the same as with regular blog posts
    * the linklog would have its own monthly archives and rss feed

    Everything but the ability to comment is provided by wp-recent-links, so that’s really where I’m stuck.

    I’m not too interested by asides hacks, b/c I’d like to keep the linklog separate and posting to use a simplified form/interface.

    Have been planning to restrict level 1 users away from other admin functions, such as posting regular blog entries (moderated or not). Am hoping existing restriction plugins for 1.22 will allow this.

    A collaborative linklog would be a really great community add-on, but I feel like without the ability to comment, interaction is too limited.

    A click-counter or ratings plugin mod’ed to work with the linklog would help reveal what’s hot, interesting to other users but comments seem like the most basic way to do this.

    Any ideas?

    I’m impressed by the various delicious plugins, but as far as I know the collaborative element isn’t there, unless you use a common category… is that correct? I was wondering for example if other delicious users could tag items with say ‘yourname’ and then the resulting ‘yourname’ feed would in essence be collaborative.

    still as neat as delicious is, an on-site linklog would be a whole simpler, though admittedly without the social networking oomph.

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  • I could do most of what you want on 1.5, but I’m not sure if it will work on 1.2.2. I’ll post my method anyway, just in case no other solution presents itself.

    I would add my Limit Categories plugin, which limits the categories that lower level users can post to.

    With that plugin installed, connect it to the category that you’ll use for your linklog.

    Edit your page to remove the linklog category from the main loop. Add a new loop in your sidebar (or wherever) for displaying only posts from the linklog category.

    You can get the feed for an individual category like so:

    The two things you don’t get from this are:

    • Simplified posting form
    • Dedicated monthly linklog archives

    However, there are a couple cheesy workarounds for those.

    First, you can have your linklog authors only use the “Press It!” bookmarklet, which isn’t as verbose as the regular form.

    Second, you can use that archives.php file that’s been floating around that lets you filter your archives by categories. I provide a modified version for use with EzStatic on my hacks page (linked above).

    It’s not exactly what you want, but it’s getting there.

    Perhaps, this is similar to what you mean: No plugins, and the whole thing is about links.

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