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  • I got multiuser for our WP. But, recently after I upgraded to WP1.5, I got some error related to author ID. For example, if author with ID 5 post to the site, the page will show that author with other ID (i.e 21) is the poster. This happen not just for one author.

    I don’t know how to analyze this error. Thanks in advanced.

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  • I too am having this issue. It appears to only effect posts submitted from wp-admin/post.php – the bookmarklet does not confuse the author name. I am using advanced mode editing by default, and the author name pop up list is defaulting to the wrong author.

    I’m seeing this problem come up too. That is, it hasn’t happened to me, but two co-authors on our blog have both seen their posts marked as being mine, and thus disappearing from their drafts. Very confusing. We’re all using different PCs, so it’s not a case of cookies getting confused.

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    Please direct all WordPress MultipleUser support requests to the WP MU Support Forums:

    Sorry: To clarify, I am seeing this issue on standard WP 1.5, not the Multi-User edition.

    I’m using standard 1.5 too, not wpmu

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    I’m using standard 1.5 too, not wpmu

    In that case, please explain “I got multiuser for our WP.”

    Sorry if my title is ambiguous.

    I’m using wp 1.5 Strayhorn, and I got many users with diferrent level. The initial problem is, if, say userA write the post, in the front page appeared to be other user, for example userB. But a couple days ago, the problem seem disappeared (I change user level for userA). So I run some experiment.

    I change user level for userA from 1 to 8. Until user level 7, the behaviour is normal. userA write the post, the post is to be his. But, when user level for userA reach 8, the post to be other user, the same userB (initial problem), not userC, userD or other user. User level for userB is 1

    Thanks gwijayas… I’ll try changing all authors back to level 7, and see if that stops it happening.

    I’ve seen this behaviour not just for published posts, but also drafts, which a co-author might write, but get saved with me as the author.

    If I were a PHP guru I’d nose around in the code and sort out why it happens. But I’m not, so I won’t!

    I’m getting this problem too, regular 1.5 installation upgraded and starting to have problems with wrong user showing up…any solution to this yet? Surely downgrading users is not a good way of putting an end to this…

    There’s another post on this subject:

    That discussion also referrs to a bug report for the advanced edit form, including update patch:

    Thanks moln, for the information. I have patched the file. Now, It looks like solve my problem. Yes, from the, the problem is the same. Always show the first user that listed (but not always the administrator).

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