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  • How should I set up a site with multiple themes, each with different functionality (job board vs store) in the navigation with 1 master login for the users. There area aspects of each area on the site that are very different from the others so I see bigger value in installing entire them that runs that functionality vs find a primitive plugin?. Users are able to upload their own content so I want them to log in once into the entire site if possible then toggle between site areas without needing to login again? perhaps just set up their profiles if they haven’t yet?

    For size sake as this is on a shared hosting, the dbs should be probably separate for each area as I expect many members using them. I just don’t want the user to need to log in multiple times.

    Plugins- I need a master plugin setup where I can activate them for each theme but install only once?

    This entire setup has must be robust so am planning ahead before I start installing.Would you set this up on a multisite or simply separating areas of 1 site by subpages?

    Thank you

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  • It sounds like a (potentially) good use of WordPress multisite. You would need some custom functionality (plugin or custom functions) to allow users to login to all sites of the multi-site.

    I don’t think shared hosting will work well *at all* for what you’re trying to accomplish though.

    I would suggest setting up a local development environment to test out a multi-site installation of WordPress and see if it’s the right approach for what you’re trying to accomplish.

    Sorry for all of the weird typos in my first sentences, those were not there when I wrote the message but showed up on post. odd.

    My hosting is a shared cloud multidomain or multisite type environment so I should be fine right? If I can install these themes on totally separate sites on the same IP, why would it make any difference if I set it up under 1 install with multiple themes? I would think it actually eliminates files I would install if I set them up separately no?

    Found this link which explains most of my hesitations:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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