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    Thanks a lot for your great plugin!
    As others reported already, there is an issue with multi site installations together with WPCron. I managed to work around it with an external Cronjob Service, but i would love to see this bug fixed and everything again under the control of our system.

    I made some tests and want to share my findings with you – maybee it helps fixing the problem:

    – I have an multisite installation with 19 Sites (1 MasterSite 18 Subsites)
    – lots of sites started as a Clone of another Site
    – My Job is a Database Backup, ALL Tables, daily at 2:20, Tar GZip, Upload to Dropbox
    – When i start manually or via external link: everything is fine: 1 Backup, all Tables, Duration approx. 30 Seconds

    Last night i switched back to WPCron, this is what i got:
    – in the logs and in the Dropbox i find 8 Backup Files, written between 02:22 and 05:34
    – inside these backups i find only the Tables belonging to ONE Site, so the data to 11 other sites and the master-installation Tables are not included!
    – i can’t find a rule why it is these 8 sites out of the 19. There are new ones and old ones included, high and low Site-IDs, Sites with Subfolder-Adress and Sites with mapped Domains, high traffic and nearly no traffic sites.
    – i installed the PlugIn WP Crontrol to have a look inside the Cron Tables: i only find in one old site (but not THE oldest) backwpup_cron: {“id:” 3} (this is my BackWPUp Job-ID)

    Any suggestions how to get WpCron running correct again?

    Do you need any more logfiles or even special tests i should run for you? I would be happy to share more details in PM.


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    And: i have a second Multisite System with similar, but slightly different results:

    – multisite installation with 4 Sites (1 MasterSite, 3 Subsites)
    – job is a Database Backup, ALL Tables, daily at 3:00, Database Check, Tar GZip, Upload to Dropbox

    – here i get 3 backups between 3:00 and 3:12
    – inside all 3 backups i do find the same: The Data of ALL Tables together as aspected
    – so here the issue is only tripling the used space in my Dropbox


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    Hi @snoffel,
    Thank you for the very issue detail report.
    For now, I’m testing a live multisite website about more than 10 days and was unable to reproduce this problem, everything stills working fine for me 🙁
    So I want to ask if you could give us a temporary account with BackWPUp Role ( This role only can manage BackWPUp, nothing more ), you can PM us directly on and we are happy to debugging this problem!
    Thank you!

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    since we haven’t heard back from you, I’m going to mark it as resolved.
    If you’re still having problems, feel free to let us know ;),

    Btw, If you find BackWPUp is useful for you, we would really appreciate if you leave a positive review and rating.
    This would encourage us to develop new free features and provide free support 😀

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    Sorry, this problem was not resolved yet so I reopen this topic.
    please give us more time on this problem. Thanks!

    Following this thread as I’ve been having the same issue for the past few months. I have a multi-site with 1 main and two sub-sites. I backup most files along with database. Most days I end up with 3 backups within a couple of minutes up on S3, each 1.85GB. On some days I don’t get all 3 backups but do get an email from the plugin due to errors in the log:

    ERROR: S3 Service API: The specified upload does not exist. The upload ID may be invalid, or the upload may have been aborted or completed.

    Typically 2 backups fail in this situation, which is great as I get just one. 🙂

    Over the past couple of months I’ve tried un-installing and reconfiguring… and all my attempts have failed. It used to work amazingly, and still does outside of the multiple copies. I don’t really want to not use wp-cron, so, hopefully you’ll have a solution soon.

    Same in one of my client’s multisite since months: wp-cron for the nightly backup (just the database) pushes several nearly identical backups, same scenario with a weekly backup (the whole stuff).

    Cheers, Heike

    bump – anything? – any fixes coming soon? cheers

    Same here. I didn’t know what was happening to start with, until I noticed my logs showing 17 backups one after the other (I have a multisite with 17 sites) for scheduled jobs. The worst thing is I have set my backups to keep the last 10 for daily, weekly and monthly backups. Now all my backups have been wiped with the same or similar backups for the same day, week or month.

    I don’t want to use third part con services. If this can’t be fixed soon, I’m going to have to find another backup plugin which is a shame because your plugin has worked great up until now.

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    @awelsh, @lambje , @heike-carle
    The new 3.4.5 is out, please upgrade to the latest version and then try again. Did the new version fix your problem?

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    No, 3.4.5 doesnt help.

    On my Multisite running WP 4.9.5 with backwpup 3.4.5 I still have for each domain a backup of the complete multisite

    I installed 3.4.5 on Sunday and just checked. I got errors on Monday, which usually means I won’t have multiple backups but didn’t get any errors last night. Same as what @christinck mentions, problem persists. Have three sites running off the multisite and got three backups this morning. Only 1 from the morning before but due to getting this error:

    ERROR: S3 Service API: The specified upload does not exist. The upload ID may be invalid, or the upload may have been aborted or completed.

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    @christinck, @lambje
    On your site, do you using caching plugin or service like CloudFlare?
    Also, could you please give me a complete plugin list of your site?
    Thank you very much!!

    There ist no such service like cloudflare on my page.

    Antispam Bee
    Contact Form 7
    MultiSite Clone Duplicator
    Multisite Enhancements
    Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post)
    Social Metrics Tracker
    Symple Shortcodes
    W3 Total Cache (Page Cache to disk enhanced, Minify HTML, JS, CSS, all to disk)
    WordPress MU Domain Mapping
    WP Bitly
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
    Yoast SEO

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    Version 3.4.5 doesn’t help on our site as well. No change in plugin behavior when used with wp-cron.
    One Site does use Cachify as caching plugin, but another Site without Cachify has the same problem.

    Last night, I tried and tried and looked into the code (did not understand much, found nothing bad) … and tried many config options …

    It works now: On my Multisite installation there is only one backup at the planned time.

    What I did: I switched on the planning config to “With a Link”, saved, tried that link with WGET (didnt work), tried the link in a browser (worked, only one backup) and switched back to WP Cron (that worked three times producing only one backup (moving the WP cron time only some hours in the future … waiting now for an automatic follow-up event))

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