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    Hi there. I’m reading everything I can for the multi-site feature of 3.0 and I have a question concerning it. For example:

    I have separate WP installs on:

    I upgrade them all to 3.0 separately and make my main website. That means I want to put and in a network managed by .

    How can I go about doing this?

    When I checked out the Codex about creating a network, it says:

    This means each additional site in your network will be created as a new virtual subdomain or subdirectory.

    What will happen then (since my and already have installs of WP in them)? I want to keep all posts and pages (there is only 1 user for each blog – the admin/me).

    Any responses would be great in helping clear up this situation for me.

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    Probably best to export the existing sub1 and sub2 installs (wordpress export should be fine), and then remove the subdomains from your cpanel or what-not, and then create them in your main blog.

    That said.

    2) Test that subdomains are working before you start.

    And maybe … I think you can rename subdomains so maybe make them as sub3 and sub4, and only AFTER They’re all imported and working, should you remove the old stuff. I’m not sure which is better :/

    I’ve done the same thing Ipstenu suggests and I agree that it’s probably the best solution. I did have to reconfigure some plugins and theme options though, and links didn’t seem to be included in the export, so make sure you don’t forget those.

    Copying those settings means it’s a good idea to leave the old one up and running while you transfer, in case you need to go back and see how something was set up.

    Seems like such a hassle. If only you could just add a site through a verification process or something. Well, the benefits probably outweigh the process.


    What if I back-up the theme files and wp-config.php, and export the posts/pages and keep the MySQL database.

    Then I delete everything, reinstall using the network feature, copy over the theme files, wp-config.php and then import the posts/pages.

    Would this work?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    Yes. That should work 🙂 (actually, that’s kind of what I said 😉 ) Mind, you won’t be ‘keeping’ the database. You’ll be moving everything from three dbs to one.

    And as daprice said, you will need to reconfigure plugins and links.

    I just want to clarify everything 🙂

    Then, if I have NextGEN Gallery installed, I would have to reupload all my images?

    Sorry if I’m being really annoying here x_x I don’t want to miss out on anything that might result in major breakage.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    The images would be … icky.

    I think yes, you do need to re-upload, however I know that if you re-upload the uploads folder and then do an SQL search/replace to fix your old posts to point to the new locations, that DOES work.

    I don’t use NextGEN, so I’m not sure.

    Ah, I see. Well, I could wish that the NextGEN owner could find something to address this (though this is only partially his problem(?)).

    Otherwise, manual reupload it is.

    What do you mean by SQL search/replace? Do you mean by going into the MySQL table of the NextGEN plugin and search/replacing the URLs of the images?

    Maybe that could be avoided if I reupload all the images in the exact same paths they were in previously… hmm. But then the plugin might not recognize the uploaded files (if they were put in through FTP). Unless it has “add directory to media library” feature (which I’m not so sure it does).

    Erm. I’m rambling now.

    Anyway, thanks for all the help Ipstenu!

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    Yeah, I don’t know where NextGen uploads images to, so I really can’t say. Sorry. At least it’s food for thought!

    You don’t have to ‘upload’ the files – but you will have to add them into galleries at their current location.

    Use “Import Image Folder” – just note that the folder must be under the root directory.

    I did an upgrade, and I don’t remember if the galleries were there (and empty) or I just recreated them using the exact names from a previous install. By keeping the gallery names the same, my slideshows popped up fine from the existing short code.

    Ah excellent! Thanks for the information 😀

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