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  • well im trying to make what seems to be a pretty complicated multisite environment and hoping someone here might shed some light on the subject!

    First what im overall trying to do: make a register form where a user signsup with the standard info, but then also in some form (maby after registration) should be able to upload a logo, change color scheme (child theme?), and add a couple menu items + pages.

    ya dont know how far ill get BUT my MAIN question at the moment is about editing the theme. how does it work if for example on the logo upload (which i dont know to do yet) but if i change functions.php to hook into a logo upload folder, well that rule will be global…i dont get now how to define different rules per user/subdomain, or if it even works like that??

    thank for any hints in the right direction!!

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  • The theme is common for all subsites.. But you could write a function in the header to get a logo from the subsite’s uploads folder… WordPress fudges that folder depending on which subsite you are viewing… Maybe if you force a file name and then put a relative link to the uploads directory you could make it work?


    WordPress fudges that folder depending on which subsite you are viewin

    No, the THEME handles that.

    Look at 2011. When you upload a header image, it loads it in that sites Media section, and calls it from there. So I would try mimicing that.

    ya i basically came to that conclusion myself

    BUT, i found that the folder (blogs.dir/2(id of each site in order)/files) gets created only on an initial upload. so pretty much stuck with using the media library somehow to create the directory right it seems?

    You’re not ‘stuck’ using the media library (I recall someone once coded their header to grab header-%siteid%.jpg from the theme folder, but that meant he always had to add a header image for them). It’s just that letting the theme use the media library location is easiest for end-users. You don’t have to worry about it, since it’s supported by WP and is pretty solid.

    ya i mean, if the first thing i want to on site registration is drop an image in /2/files/logo that directory doesn’t seem to get created untill i use the media library to upload something. so then it seems i would need to a run a script to create that directory but might run into conflicts…. any idea how wordpress handles the creates of the dirs insides blogs.dir?

    Alas it’s not something I’ve jumped into.

    ok! ill try to post back here if i find something, or would love to hear if anyone else has clues?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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