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  1. rcwatson
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Here's the situation. I have a multi-site, WP3.2.1 setup that uses subdirectories.

    I want the root blog to be a read-only, no user registration necessary (or wanted) site.

    I want a sub-site of the multisite, let's call it http://example.com/subsite, to be a read-only site, but user registration is absolutely necessary. Additionally, an admin needs to approve all user registrations.

    I understand that user registration happens at the global WordPress level. What is the workaround, if any, to achieve this only for the sub site? I've tried Pie Register and New User Approve, but every time I register a user, it goes to the root site level to do so. Not only that, but no user is created.

    Can anyone tell me how this can be done? Or do I just need to go "old school", back out of the subsite idea, and just slap up a static HTML site and .htaccess password protect it?

  2. They're not actually being added to the main site, they're being added to the network.

    Yes, that runs OFF the main site, but if you use http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multisite-user-management/ and set them to have NO role to the main site, they won't have access. They're just psudeo subscribers.

  3. macoacero
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I have exactly the same (multi-site, WP3.2.1 setup that uses subdirectories, user accounts may be registered and I using pie-registration plugin). Before I installed multisite my user register page was working good, but now, when I enter this page http://www.mydomain.com/login/?action=register
    appears: Not Found !

    Can you help me? Please

  4. 1) Upgrade to 3.3.1 please

    2) The registration page should be domain.com/wp-signup.php

    3) It's possible the 'pie registration' plugin is causing the error, so turn it off.

    4) This topic is 7 months only, please make a new one for yourself :) And if you can provide your real URL, we'd appreciate it.

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