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    I had Wp Symposium working perfectly before this. To make a long story short, I had to make my blog #2 my primary blog in my multi-site set up. My blog #1 was running Wp Symposium Toolbar Network Activated with a network menu and I had taken all privileges off sub-sites. Therefore, anything I did on the main Symposium Settings were reflected. Anyways, when I switched the blogs up, apparently #1 still has the “main blog” title to it since #2’s settings do not reflect across the domains. How can I get WP Symposium to recognize that #2 is the main blog now instead of #1?

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  • Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    Quick questions before investigating further…

    You mention both WP Symposium and WP Symposium Toolbar. Could you please confirm your issue is with WP Symposium Toolbar and not the other plugin.

    If so, could you clarify your issue, especially with regards to your last question. Activating the Network Toolbar feature and removing subsites privileges should result in the same Toolbar network wide, regardless of which site is the main site..?

    Sorry, I only mean the “Toolbar”.

    I understand how it should work because it used to work like that for me. But here is what happened:


    Site #1 was the “primary” root blog in the multi-site and had WP Symposium Toolbar as a network menu and I had all tabs deselected from the sub-sites so all my 8 sub-sites in my network shared that one menu look/system.

    Site #2 was just a sub-site that displayed whatever Site #1’s network menu did.


    I had to switch Site #1 and Site #2. So now, Site #2 is really Site #1 the “primary” root blog in the multi-site trying to run WP Symposium Toolbar.

    All the old menus and settings for a network menu appear under the “new” Site #1 (which was the old Site #2) but they are not respected amongst the other sites. Only the settings from “the original Site #1 remain in the sub-sites no matter what I do.

    Additionally, if I disable all tabs including the new Site #1 tabs it takes me out of the admin page and gives me an invalid permission.

    And lastly, the new Site #2 which was the old Site #1 has its “own” tool bar per se. The site does not come out in the tabs to disable it and while I believe that this one is still looked as the “Network Menu”, there are no options for network menu features by WP Symposium present for it. Instead it has tabs like a regular menu.

    Basically my question is how do I fix this? The way that I believe I can fix it is by wiping my WordPress installation clear of ALL WP Symposium Toolbar data. I can see the plugin stores data somewhere because my styles, menus, and settings are always present no matter if I delete the plugin and re-install it etc. So is it a database? Maybe just dumping all the databases dealing with WP Symposium Toolbar I can fix this.

    Thank you.

    And BTW, this is an amazing plugin, I’ve been using it on several sites for about a year so I am eager to fix this issue asap.

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    Thanks for your thorough description. I admit, there is a strong assumption in my plugin, of the Main Site being the #1.

    I’ve just updated the development version here, would you mind checking if it works better for you ? The “Sites” tab should list all subsites, whatever they are, so the plugin should work better in your case.

    Regarding network menus. As as matter of fact, I’m using the Main Site for their definition (through WP NavMenus), so you’ll need to redefine them locally to the new Main Site… With that development version, network menus defined from the Main Site should then be propagated to subsites.

    The development version may not be fully functional, but it should be a step forward. Feedback highly appreciated…

    Where and how do I redefine them locally to the new main site? I’ve noticed no difference with the development version yet.

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    From the WP NavMenus page, then add it to the Toolbar location you wish from the “Custom Menus” tab…?

    I’ve done that.. I created an entire new menu and assigned it as the network menu and it still does not reflect on every other site.. I thought you meant to go into the actual code and change the main blogid$ or something..

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    Okay, I’ve re-uploaded my trunk as the development version, there was a little something missing.

    I had never changed the Main Site before, for those interested it’s described there. After testing it I am able to state that this version works for me: subsites are listed at the “Sites” tab and the Network Menus are propagated accross all subsites once they are re-created at the new main site. They must also be deleted from the old main site or they will still exist on that subsite as custom menus.

    Any other issue, could you please let me know.

    EDIT Once you installed this new version, please visit the “Custom Menus” at the Main Site and save, even unchanged, so your network menu is copied to all subsites.

    Ok we’re making some progress here haha. The new network menu propagates perfectly across all sub-sites.. The only thing is that the other settings do not.. Hiding things on the WP Toolbar tab does not work across the other sites nor does the WP User Menu settings.. But the styling does work across all sub-sites..

    Thank you for your time and effort by the way, I really appreciate it.

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    You were right… And while fixing this, I found other issues not related to the change of main site ID. The development version reflects these changes.

    Thanks for your thanks, in return I have to thank you for your patience!

    Works perfectly now! Thank you very much!

    In my opinion the only thing your plugin is missing is the ability to add custom widgets or shortcodes in the menu items like MegaMenu, UberMenu etc. that would be a great addition to an almost perfect multi-network menu system.

    Once again thank you, I don’t know how to mark this as resolved so either let me know how or if you can do it go ahead. Everything is perfect as far as I can tell.

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    Awesome – thanks for the feedback.

    To mark a topic as solved you need to tick the checkbox under “notify me of follow-up”… Also in the sidebar. That’s done now.

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