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  • I have a WP network with Events Manager in global tables mode. The aim is to have one ‘main’ site on which all the events are stored, and a handful of satellite sites which display events from this database.

    There’s nothing in the documentation ( that suggests this isn’t possible, but it doesn’t work: the page that I nominate as the events archive page on the satellite site shows nothing. I can fix this by putting EM_Object::ms_global_switch(); in the events-list.php template before of the echo EM_Events::output( $args ); (and EM_Object::ms_global_switch_back(); afterward).

    OK so that’s problem 1 solved (in case useful to anyone else).

    Problem 2: the location links that are inserted into the _LOCATIONLINK placeholder are incorrectly. I have “Locations on main blog” set to ‘Yes’ in the Network settings, but it outputs the wrong URL on the satellite sites – the URL used is the local path appended to the master site root.

    So for example, on the satellite sites the page selected as the “Locations List/Archive” in EM settings is /events/locations. But on the main site the location page is /whats-on/events/locations. The link goes to mastersite.domain/events/locations, which throws a 404. I have the “Global event slug” set to whats-on/events but that seems to make no difference.

    Using latest version of EM (

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  • And I hope I won’t cause upset if I also add: Problem 3: categories and tags don’t seem to work together.

    All taxonomies are in the master events tables, but when I try to throw in a tag and one or more categories to the event search, I get no results. The same search works fine on the master site.

    When I do a $wpdb->last_query() I find that for some reason it is using the wp_5_terms_taxonomy table and not finding any valid tags in the event-tags taxonomy.

    UPDATE – I have found an ugly hack-y way of resolving Problem 3. I commented out the line in em-object.php which does the switch back from global multi-site.

    In the latest version this is line 497:

    if( !empty($tax_data['ms']) ) self::ms_global_switch_back();

    Once this is removed, all the taxonomy queries are performed on the master events tables and the events listing is filtered as I would expect.

    This will, of course, break any system not in global tables mode. There might be additional problems but I haven’t found them yet.

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