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multi-site or multiple installations ??

  • I’m wondering if instead of using a plugin like qTranslate (recently it has various problems with wp latest release ..) is better to use WP in multi-site or even to do various installations of wordpress each in a separate folder under the root and then direct users based on browser language to their ‘language’ with an .htaccess…

    Someone has run into this dilemma and can advise me? Effective I was directed to this second solution, although more expensive to administer, should give fewer problems as regards the problems and the various plugins wp multisite

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  • Actually my question was if Simeone was experienced with using NO plugin but 2 separate installations of WP , one for each language and detecting and redirecting browser language by htaccess. P.e. mysite.com/eng and mysite.com/ita

    Yes, some people do that. What advice are you looking for?

    The .htaccess code or ‘how’?

    Basically you make three sites. The main site is just a splash page for language redirection. Then you have two subsites: /eng and /ita

    Any post you make on one, you manually make on the other. Or use a broadcast plugin and translate on the other site.

    probably my question is about ‘.htaccess’ and some ‘how’ ..

    My idea was to install 2 WP in separated folders (p.e. /ita and /eng) and upload a .htaccess in the domain root to detect browser language and redirect to the ‘correct’ folder..
    so the question was principally about htaccess..

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP:Accept-Language} (fr) [NC]
    RewriteRule .* http://domain.com/fr [R,L]

    Basically. 🙂

    But remember, some times people borrow laptops and don’t speak languages 😉

    yes but i can provvide both versions some flags to direct to own language..

    Right but .htaccess will ALWAYS redirect.

    You’d be better off not redirecting at all. Do what I suggested with three sites.

    #1 is the splash page with flags.

    #2 is Italy

    #3 is English

    Any ‘about’ pages that are 100% the same in two languages can be on the #1 site with double copy in the post (one PG english, one Italiano etc).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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