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  • I’m wondering if instead of using a plugin like qTranslate (recently it has various problems with wp latest release ..) is better to use WP in multi-site or even to do various installations of wordpress each in a separate folder under the root and then direct users based on browser language to their ‘language’ with an .htaccess…

    Someone has run into this dilemma and can advise me? Effective I was directed to this second solution, although more expensive to administer, should give fewer problems as regards the problems and the various plugins wp multisite

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  • Actually my question was if Simeone was experienced with using NO plugin but 2 separate installations of WP , one for each language and detecting and redirecting browser language by htaccess. P.e. and

    Yes, some people do that. What advice are you looking for?

    The .htaccess code or ‘how’?

    Basically you make three sites. The main site is just a splash page for language redirection. Then you have two subsites: /eng and /ita

    Any post you make on one, you manually make on the other. Or use a broadcast plugin and translate on the other site.

    probably my question is about ‘.htaccess’ and some ‘how’ ..

    My idea was to install 2 WP in separated folders (p.e. /ita and /eng) and upload a .htaccess in the domain root to detect browser language and redirect to the ‘correct’ folder..
    so the question was principally about htaccess..

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP:Accept-Language} (fr) [NC]
    RewriteRule .* [R,L]

    Basically. 🙂

    But remember, some times people borrow laptops and don’t speak languages 😉

    yes but i can provvide both versions some flags to direct to own language..

    Right but .htaccess will ALWAYS redirect.

    You’d be better off not redirecting at all. Do what I suggested with three sites.

    #1 is the splash page with flags.

    #2 is Italy

    #3 is English

    Any ‘about’ pages that are 100% the same in two languages can be on the #1 site with double copy in the post (one PG english, one Italiano etc).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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