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  1. alphagile
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I am new to WP and have searched the existing topics on the support forum, but didn't find exactly what I wanted. Please excuse me if my terminologies are wrong.

    Here are my requirements for a new web site that I am building:
    - allow multiple blogs, each on a distinct topic
    - allow many users to create accounts and blog on each topic.
    - user accounts should be shared between all blogs
    - Prefer if blogs can be moderated.
    - prefer RSS feed to be topic specific

    The information I have found so far suggests two ways of doing it. Using WPMU or category. The problem with category is that I would like to use sub-categories for each topic. For example, if I have blog fruit and blog vegetable, then I need categories for citrius fruit, green veggie, etc. On the other hand, if I use multiple sites then users may not be able to post on all blogs.

    What is the right solution? Help is much appreciated.

  2. The right solution is the one that works for you. Sorry, but it's pretty subjective.

    Either way can do what you're suggesting. That you want to moderate the posts makes me lean away from Multisite. I would probably use Custom Post Types, assign people to the CPTs, and manage them that way.

  3. alphagile
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks, Mika. If I move forward with using category how do I solve the issue with category and sub-category? For example, some users are only interested in the vegetable blogs. I would like for them to see all sub-categories of vegatable, but not the fruit ones. Is that possible?

  4. It depends on how you use categories or CPTs.

    if I have blog fruit and blog vegetable, then I need categories for citrius fruit, green veggie, etc

    Have two post types: Fruit and Vegetable

    Then use categories in there :)

    Or have categories for Fruit and Vegie and use tags for the actual type.

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