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    I develop across multiple browsers, and often I will have at least two open logged into my site differently; maybe as admin on one and a normal member on the other, or admin and nit logged in, whatever.

    But today I noticed that when I’m on the iPhone or iPad I can’t actually log out! I was trying to look at a page as a non user and every time I clicked on the logout link it would redirect to the main blog URL and appear to logout, ie a dress login screen appears, but as soon as you click on the “go back to site” button, or reenter the URL manually, I am still logged in! The funny/silly part about it is that it’s only logged in as far as the front end of the blog is concerned. If I try to go to the dashboard or network admin it makes me log in again. So it appears I’m logging out of the main blog, but not the other blogs…

    I don’t have any other devices I can test this on, but it appears for me only on iOS at this stage.

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  • I have just come up with a temporary solution, I have found that if I visit the main blog and actually sign out from that master blog, then I am logged out of the others as well.

    Simply logging out of a sub-blog did not actually do this, evidenced by the fact I could see things I shouldn’t, including my dashboard bar at the top of the screen and user only pages…

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    It works for me on all sites, master and sub, on my iPad.

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    My guess is cookies aren’t set right.

    My guess is cookies aren’t set right.

    That was my guess too,so I went and deleted them (on the phone only, forgot to on the iPad), it didn’t make any difference.

    So after signing out thru the main blog last night, I refrained from signing back in til this morning. Since then, I have, and signed out from a sub blog without a problem.

    Basically, it’s working again, and I don’t know why. Just an interesting thing to note for next time.

    I don’t know if clearing the cookies was the answer (I don’t think so) or signing out via the main blog was it (I think this had something to do with it), because it fixed the iPad as well. Either way, it’s working …

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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