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    Ok if I have a single homepage with states and city’s AND WANT THE USER to pic the city or state then they land on a page like this, ( testing domain ) for posting and searching IN THAT REGION ONLY!!!. Is it better to create a network of site with sub domains using this or would it be better for us to manually go in and create the sub’s in cpanel then instal a fresh copy of word press for each domain? Then upload our 2011 child theme to each wp install ?
    Why I ask!!
    here is the concerns and what we want

    1 we would like for all the sites to share the same plugins and style.css of cores so would this be the case in the network? This is not the case in the manual installs that im trying to avoid..

    2 we would only like the search results from the sub – domain in a search when the user go’s to that region/sub domain from home page and preforms a search. Example:
    they would only get post that were posted in that region. This is the case in the manual instal but im not sure in the networks?

    3 we would only like the user to have to register 1 time for all domains, Will this be the case with the network? It is not the case with the manual instals and this is another we are trying to avoid!

    4 for SEO reasons and the way the net is trending we would like the address to be this Example: , the main domain would be of cores. Would that be the case with the network? I know it is the case with the manual instal.

    5 If I made a change in the function.php of the child would it trickle down to the rest of the network?

    6 lastly,,, plug ins like wishlist member and gravity forms, how do they react to the network apposed to the single site?

    if you only have the answers to 1 or 2 it would be helpful……..

    Thanks SL

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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