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Multi-site install help

  • I’m looking to set up a classifieds website using WordPress that will have city-specific sub-sites, e.g.
    – city1.domain.com
    – city2.domain.com
    – city3.domain.com

    Do I do the initial install on domain.com or city1.domain.com?

    Also, what’s the difference/benefit of setting it up as cityX.domain.com vs domain.com/cityX?

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  • I would set it up at domain.com

    And the only difference between subfolders and subdomains is preference

    i currently have a wp site installed at domain.com/subdirectory1. i’m thinking of installing multisite/buddypress in another subdirectory (domain.com/subdirectory2). i want to maintain the current wp site in its own subdirectory1 (narrow topical issues) and operate multisite independently, which has wider topical issues. is it possible to “interact” with the old wp installation in subdirectory1 with the multisite installation in subdirectory2? By “interact”, I mean the following:
    – allowing content posts from blog in subdirectory1 to show up in multisite in subdirectory2.
    – allowing users in subdirectory2 multisite to interact with posts in subdirectory1?

    Any help would be appreciated. thanks.



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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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