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  • I have installed a multisite wordpress on my dev inside a subfolder

    I tried to migrate to a online server always in a subfolder

    I have kept the htaccess as dev, changed DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE in wp-config.php and replaced website url values in database using search and replace script (

    And I’m getting an infinite loop error, anyone has a suggestion?

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  • Where are you getting the error? When you visit the site? When you try to log in…?

    I get the redirect infinite loop on every page (homepage, internal pages, login).

    I add that in onlinewebsite.tld (but also in I have another wordpress installed.

    Did you search/replace or just ? If it was the former, search for and see if it’s lingering.

    Also what plugins were you running?

    > Did you search/replace or just

    I’ve replaced just with onlinewebsite.tld because the name of the subfolder is the same, do you think this could break something? (maybe some serialized data?)

    > Also what plugins were you running?

    I’ve tried with the basic WP 3.5.1 no plugins enabled (akismet and hello on folder but not activated)

    If you used in the interconnect script, that should take care of data serialization. And searching for JUST the domain was the right thing. Try doing the search/replace again on a clean verson of teh DB.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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