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  • Plugin Author Samir Shah


    Hi Mark,

    I will add that feature to the next update.

    Super Thank you 🙂

    Also interested in this. It can prevent hack attacks uploaded in comments.

    Good Point 🙂 @offcourse2010

    Plugin Author Samir Shah


    I’ve just released version 0.7 of the plugin, which can be used to disable comments network-wide. The settings interface is mostly the same – except that when it is network activated, you can only access the settings from the Network Admin (look under the “Settings” menu).

    Let me know if there are any issues. I don’t use multisite that much myself, so I could have missed something.

    Will test it and give you feedback Super Thank you 🙂

    I have just tested it on and it seems to work.

    Will test it on and let you know.

    Thank you again

    So far it is looking good on the with 100000 sites and shar DB

    Well done 🙂

    Thank you .

    @samir Shah you’re the MAN

    The Multi Site Test seems to be running super well.

    Thank you Again

    Is it possible to disable comments on a site by site basis? I checked out the plugin, but that doesn’t seem to be a feature. I think that would be handy!


    Plugin Author Samir Shah



    It’s possible in the sense that you can install the plugin on a network, and then activate it individually on whichever sites you want to disable comments on (i.e., at Site Administrator level).

    But if you mean having an option for the Network Administrator to disable comments on selected sites, then no. If the plugin is network activated then the settings apply globally to all sites.

    I can see why this might be useful but will have to think about how best to implement it without too much overhead. I’ll see what I can do.

    Yeah, I get it in that sense, which is quite good enough for many networks actually! But I was looking for a way for just the network admin to do that.

    I guess one easier way would be to have a setting by which it can be disabled on all sites by default and ONLY the network admin can access the menu on a sub-site level, so that when he needs to enable comments for a user, he can just go into the sub-site’s settings and enable it.

    Another way I can think of is to keep a comma separated list of blog id’s that need to be excluded (or included or both) and exclude just those blogs. I see a line that pulls in the blog ids.

    2 cents. Thanks!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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