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  • My friend and I are relatively new to wordpress and have worked with various other platforms including weebly and drupal. All three have their strengths and weaknesses. We have tried many plugins/modules for wordpress and have created a multisite.

    Basically what we are trying to create is a site where users can interact with a form where they submit their information and then that information is entered into a central table thereby creating one big table of all user submissions (they would only be able to edit their own personal information). It would also need to support picture uploads with a sort/searchable query that can pull up multiple results/pages depending on whatever parameters are selected. In other words, think of a typical online retail site where you can browse products etc.

    Any suggestions as to the easiest way to go about achieving this would be greatly appreciated. It seems like there would be some mysql and PHP programming involved (which we would like to avoid). Are there any applications or themes for wordpress (that are free preferably) that have these features built in?

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  • CFC


    Hello newuser8640,

    Welcome to WordPress 🙂

    1) I recommend you take a look at WordPress’ Custom Post Types:

    Custom Post Types will allow you to create a post type called, “Products”, for example, with fields including name, price, photo upload, etc. If you are coming from Drupal, this is similar to CCK.

    You can create Custom Post Type programmatically, or using an easy-to-use drag and drop interface using third-party plugins. Two I recommend are:

    2) To control which users have access to create and modify the custom post types, I suggest you take a look at WordPress’ Roles and Capabilities:

    Once again, there are great plugins to make this easy if you want to avoid code. I recommend:

    3) Finally, you may want to allow users to add new products from the front-end of your website, instead of forcing users to log into the WordPress’ admin. There are a number of plugins which can help with this. I recommend:
    Gravity Forms:
    WP User Frontend Pro:

    Hopefully this gives you a good starting point for your website. 🙂

    Thank you for you in depth response. I have found several of those links and plugins to be very helpful. My business partner and I are almost done with our multisite. I have to say that I like drupal for many reasons over wordpress and wordpress overall drupal for other reasons. Overall WordPress has worked out better; especially when it comes to creating a business oriented multisite.

    Our last hurdle was creating a global template that we could use for a customer account that could be exported and used for new customers via plugin, thereby minimizing the amount of work involved in creating a customer acount. We tried about 5-6 plugins for cloning/copying and import/export but none of them worked right, unless we overlooked one (tried wordpress import, ns-cloner, add-cloned-site-for-wmpu (batch), duplicator, wp-clone-by-wp-academy etc). They just caused problems really.

    So what we have resorted to doing is creating a new site/user, using a the global theme, creating new pages, new menus then copying and pasting from the global page into the new page. It takes about 10-20 minutes, but i’d imagine developing a plugin to do something similar without any coding/compatibility issues would be pretty difficult. Unless you’ve heard of a different way that doesn’t cost $100+? lol

    The advanced custom fields plugin was definitely very useful too, per your suggestion, thank you. Again thank you for your in depth response. If it weren’t for people well-versed in wordpress like you, people not so well-versed would be screwed! Lol thanks again CFS!

    As a side note we also found a plugin that would take care of front end user submissions via forms (for product submissions). This would take care of fooling around with MySQL and PHP to achieve the same result. It’d cost about $200 to get all the features we need (when we are ready to upgrade our site), but it sure beats (for the time being) using a service like caspio or light spoke! We could do it from scratch with PHP/MYSQL and a form plugin… but when you have Arvixe as a web host you can pretty much kiss that ability goodbye (ugh).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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