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  • I think I’ve messed up the whole installation.

    The shortest way I can think of is to delete the entire installation (if that is possible) and restart. Is that possible if I want to use back the same domain names?

    If so, can anyway share / advise what’s the best way to start afresh?

    Otherwise, here’s a history on how it all started
    – installed wordpress in a subdomain
    – decided to install multisite and reading the documentations I realised I had to have wp installation in the root folder
    – moved wordpress from subdomain (subfolder) to root folder. changed siteurl (subdomain) and wordpress url (root domain) in settings **i suspect this is where it all started
    – followed instructions to start the multisite installation. (so at this point, siteurl and wordpressurl are not the same)
    – multisite enabled
    – added new subdomains.
    – couldn’t access dashboards of subdomains.

    Do I need to copy some files to the subdomains directories?

    I really would like to redo this whole thing yet I dunno where to find the answers to start …

    Thanks in advance

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