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    After a somewhat grueling process, I’ve gotten our multi-site installation to serve the pages relatively quickly – first, by turning off the ‘Allow from All’ directive in apache (note: this is NOT the Allow Override All directive that must be set for multisite), and secondly, by activating WP SuperCache.

    The only issue I have left re speed, is the admin pages. Does SuperCache not affect these pages? Is there anything I can *tweak* to get these to move faster? My concern is, if developing a site with content management in mind (that is, someone else will maintain it while I go off and do other things), the slowness of the admin pages to respond is definitely going to get in the way. My other concern is that I haven’t really sped up the process, I’ve just managed to put a couple of really big bandaids on the owie, and it’s not yet healed!

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  • Andrea Rennick


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    Start by looking at some server logs, because it sounds as if you need some further Apache tweaks.

    It says resolved at the top…. would be nice if you would share your solution.

    Sorry – we tried numerous things, but the one thing that seemed to clear it up for us, is, we added the site as a host under Networking/Host addresses. It seems that we were redirecting, and redirecting, and ultimately, the url would resolve to the appropriate place. Once we told the server that, by the way, this url is indeed a host on this server, it seems to have cleared it up. (We use WEBMIN for administrative software; under Networking, under Network Configuration, under Host Addresses – added the internal ip address and the url as host name)

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