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  • Trying to narrow down the cause, but figure this forum is the best place to start.

    Running Multi-Site and using the stock Commons in a Box theme for the front page. P2 Theme for the subsites created below the parent site.

    I logged into the back end today to make sure all was well. Found WP 3.5.2 upgrade offered, along with some updates to plugins and the P2 theme.

    I did the upgrade for WP first and was told I need to do the ‘Network Update’ to update all the sites, so I accepted this option. All was evidently OK until an error popped up. The error is pasted in below, with some domain modifications to protect the innocent…

    Warning! Problem updating Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: couldn’t connect to host

    Which is weird, because the sites are all physically on the same drive on the same multi-site install. Why this one is a problem I don’t know! I think it was the last site I created, but don’t think that should matter. The dashboard for this problem site shows 3.5.2 as the version in use.

    No other obvious problems, so I did the theme and plugin updates before poking into the single subsite problem.

    I then noted that the admin area was dog slow. But the public side of the site remains as snappy as it ever was.

    No load is noted on the server during the delays (watching ‘top’ from the command line). It looks outwardly very much like a DNS timeout problem, where the server has no additional load but simply does nothing until the DNS officially fails… if you know what I mean. No errors that I can find, but I honestly don’t know where besides the typical Apache logs I should be looking. The delay is very close to a minute and the browser simply shows ‘waiting for server’ during the delay. Once the connection with the server is finally established, the page populates as quick as ever. If there was a database issue, I would assume the public side would see the same delays??

    I found a posting elsewhere discussing a similar symptom and note that the problem was tracked back to a routine that was attempting to notify the admin user of a new theme version. I don’t know if that’s possibly a clue here or not.

    Any suggestions as to where I should be looking?

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  • Hello. I had similar issues. But after some research and trial and error, this thread helped me out:

    In short on your database, find the wp_options table and change the db version value to 22442 from 22441. (ID for db_version is 52) Hope this helps.

    I’m sure there will be another update to address this issue.

    Wow, thanks for that link!

    After a bit of trial and error with the mysql command line interface, I was able to make this change. Speed is back to normal and I was able to add a post.

    Not sure if I should attempt the ‘network update’ again, or if I should leave things alone?


    Same problem after the upgrade to 3.6 today!!! 🙁

    Assuming I need to go about fixing the problem in the same way, how do I know what the db version value should be now? 22443?

    There is obviously a reason why this is happening… it would be nice to be able to do upgrades without mucking about in the database!

    i have not updated to wp 3.6 but i dont think the db version has changed. take a look here:

    Hmmm. That link doesn’t show the 22442 version that fixed the problem last time – which makes me wonder if this list is complete. Maybe I’m best to check another site and use whatever number it shows.

    But it would be nice to know why the problem is recurring so as to fix it once and for all!

    No that list does not look complete – see:

    I’ll give that a try… thanks!

    Still wish the problem could be solved to avoid manually adjusting this parameter though…!


    I installed on an existing site version 3.4.2 the multi-site and later I applied the latest update 3.5.1, 3.6.1, 3.7.1, and 3.8.
    The dashboard was very slow.
    In the database wp_options> db_version = 21707.

    I changed this value using the value corresponding to the specified version:, and everything is back in order. The dashboard is operating normally.

    Wonderful, it was a moment that I was looking for the source of the problem and a solution !

    By cons I do not understand why this value has not been changed during the updates applied. Is this normal behavior?

    @jdy68 – this thread is about WP3.5.2. Please start your own topic if you need help.

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