• This may be a very good plugin, (certainly has pretty decent documentation to help you through the elaborate setup process), but I was just a little frustrated after going through all the steps with getting signed up as a developer and getting app ID’s and super-secret codes along with verifying by cell phone and adding the necessary info in to the plugin setup screen only to find that THIS PLUGIN ONLY WORKS ON MULTI-SITE INSTALLATIONS!

    Yes, the description MENTIONS multi-site, but I read that to mean “multi-site compatible”, not “multi-site ONLY”. If you have a standalone site, don’t bother – this will not work! At least that’s what the Champ replied on my support request thread.

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  • Plugin Author Rajat Varlani


    the plugin is multisite compatible not multisite only and people are using it on standalone websites.
    on the support thread (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/single-sign-on-1-for-4?replies=5) you asked for single sign-on functionality which exists and works when you have more than one websites in multisite network. which is not possible because you have standalone website. it does not mean social login will not work on your website. it means single sign-on is not developed for standalone websites.
    fyi: single sign-on is the functionality that means when you login on any of the websites in your multisite network, you are automatically logged in all the websites in the network and same applies when you logout from any of the website in multisite network.
    ps: do not misguide people if you are not able to understand the difference between single sign-on and social login

    I was looking it for a single site, but looks like it wont’ work.

    Anyway, all the best!

    Plugin Author Rajat Varlani


    Plugin works with regular and multisite, both WordPress installations. Above user had some confusion with the functionality. Other people are using the plugin successfully at their standalone websites (see other reviews)
    Let me know if you are facing any issue with the plugin.

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