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  • I am using a Gravity Form with a multi-select option, users are selecting graduation years for their students. As such they could have 2018 or 2018,2020,2022 and so on (multiple combinations).

    In the database the values are stored as [“2018”] or [“2018″,”2020″,”2022”]


    The field is marked as long text in the DB. I marked it as free text in your settings. I’ve tried a few options, but all seem to end the same.

    On “details” display I get this…


    The only time is shows correctly is if their is a single date. My guess is the comma is breaking it.

    This the the admin page, not a public page. The data is sensitive. If you need to see a page direct I can share it over a private e-mail.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Gravity Forms does do weird (in my view unnecessary things) with their data. The plugin is showing you the data as it is stored, and kinda trying to make sense of it. It is not necessary for gravity to store it like that. Other plugins don’t do that, so their data is handled better. If each ‘year’ were in a separate meta record, this would allow one to query by year. However Many plugins don’t store multivalues each in their own meta either, they stick the whole array in one meta record. The plugin will cope with an array stored in one record. Arrays stored directly look like this a:2:{i:0;s:3:"red";i:1;s:4:"blue";}

    GF appears to have done their own thing again with those square brackets. Similar to the situation requiring this : Basically it looks separate code is needed to recognise that it’s a GF multivalue field (array) and reformat the data accordingly.

    If you send me a small sql extract of sample GF fields, I’ll take a look and possibly expand the add-on.

    Alternatively have you looked at this option?

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