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  1. Antonio Hedilla
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I'm trying to create an intranet so I'm giving a try to P2. I created a "P2" for all the company, and I'm also creating different P2 for different departments, with multisite. At this point, everything kind of works. Well.

    The problems that I'm having are about membership and inter-connections.

    Membership: I made all the users to be considered "editor" by default as soon as they join to the net. But when you jump from one to another, you have to write the password again, and once you write it you don't go to the P2, but to the admin menu, so it's kind of headache, specially because not everybody is good using this things, so they panic when they see the menu (they = my employees)

    Connection: If I want to jump from one P2 to the other one, I have to know the adress. Or I have to manually add the link to all the single P2 themes from all the departments. I want people to be able to write in one department or another with no restrictions, but if I have to add the links one by one it's not agile for me. Also, as I said, eventhough you add the link one by one, once you click you have the password thing, and then write your user again, etc

    So, am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to do the things that I'm trying? I guess that I want something like a "mega p2". We were using Yammer and It's kind of the idea, but bad thing with Yammer is that you can't personalize it, neither add plug ins or whatever, I like more p2 but I need it to do what I need!

  2. Hi Antonio, you might want to check out my reply on a similar thread:


  3. Antonio Hedilla
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Is going o2 to cover my needs then?

  4. Is going o2 to cover my needs then?

    It's pretty tricky to say whether o2 is going to meet your needs, since o2 is still in development and isn't available yet on either WordPress.com (where it will be launched first) or for self-hosted installs. Also, as the developer told me, the network features will only be added later, in a second phase, and there's no ETA yet.

    You might want to sign up on the o2 site to be notified when there is a beta-testing opportunity for self-hosted users.

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