• I have downloaded this plugin and it is working awesome. I would like to add multiple option selection in select box but could not find that option. Can you please help me out how can I add select box with multiple selection?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It’s not posssible.

    You can use Checkboxes for multiple selections though.

    Is there any more complexity to add multiple option in select in your plugin? You have everything except this option in your plugin.

    I cant use checkboxes as it will occupy more space and not user friendly. Other side I am using select2 to provide good UI for the user hence single selection is not useful for me. If you do not wish to include in your stable plugin but if there is any way/option available, kindly suggest. I can do it on our installation to full-fill our requirements.


    Plugin Support Beda


    There is not any supported way now to do this.

    What I can do is ask our Developers if we might add this as a feature, in a future Version.

    Let me know if you wish this, I can then involve a Developer here.

    Yes it would be great and users will love to have this option in your plugin. One more suggestion to have auto suggest, however multi select can be higher priority.

    Plugin Support Beda


    We filed this as a feature request.

    We do not consider this a top priority.
    Usage of multiselect is fairly short, and the idea of storing multiple values per field (like we have for checkboxes) is a complex method, that forces us to use specific methods to store and get the data form the Database

    It is a high source of conlficts and bugs.

    We may add this in future, but this is not confirmed.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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