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    Is this using normal spanning events or using recurring events?



    Hi, it’s using normal spanning events.

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    I get this too, am going to let Marcus know about this.

    I noticed this problem too.

    Using only one-day events or splitting long events to multiple events always having “starting day” at every month, might be used to workaround this.

    Hi, i have the same problem:

    for example i have one event:
    holidays from july 30. – september 12.
    which is showing in july, august but not in september.

    i created another event to test this: holidays from march 19. – may 16.
    which is showing in march, but not showing in april and may.

    Is there a chance that an update is coming soon?

    Thanks for the workarround-suggestion. There is one problem with it: If i create multiple events they will show multiple times for example in the list-view.

    Despite this problem WP FullCalendar is working fine!

    Hello :

    I have the same problem and its a great problem that event dont show correct dates…….please somedy have the answer???

    Thanks a lot

    Hi Laz75

    Its a good idea, but if you take a look in a widget area (next event widget), show a lot of dyas of the same event (repeat the event all dyas of the period event) , and dont looks well.
    For example if the events go from 21 july – 10 august, we have 20 days repeat…uffff a long list

    Some idea???

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we’ve just released EM 5.5.3 and this issue should now be resolved. Thanks for your patience.

    If you can confirm the issue is resolved, that’d be appreciated.

    Unfortunately… no, it’s still the same.

    As you can see here:

    This event should last till July, but it doesn’t show up after the initial month.

    Unless there’s something I should change in the code, in the new release.

    I am sorry to say that as Laz75 said the problem is still there.
    I have an event from
    31. july 2014 – 12. September 2014
    and it is showing in july, august, but is not showing in september.

    I’m getting this problem as well, even after updating to the latest version (EM

    My events will span a couple of months but then no further.

    Luci P


    Exactly the same problem (EM + WP FullCalendar 0.8.4) on

    Our clients are also running into the same issue… is this plugin still actively developed?

    WP Event Manager promotes on their homepage that this plugin complements their solution, but I’m not seeing investment in fixing the code… 🙁

    Actually, even better would be for EMP to implement a decent-looking CSS-based calendar UI…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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