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  • Hi Everyone,

    I have now installed the qtranslate-plugin because i/we wanted to make our site availiable in english as well (its german).

    So…I have always simply included the form in the editing interface of the page through the “Formbuilder”-area below and just selected one of them.
    Now that the qtranslate plugin is installed i would need to select or include a different form for each of the languages – how could i do that?

    I thought maybe the form canbe somehow prepared/translated beforehand and show english text in the english version and german in the german….but that seems unlikely…

    or the forms can be included in a different way than through the “formbuilder” dropbox?


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  • Okay i am sorry – it seems I have asked a little bit to quick.
    I have found one solution to include different forms on the pages. Actually its quite nice this problem got solved so quickly for a change 🙂

    With qtranslate i have different tabs in the page editing mode (one for each language).
    With formbuilder I just read now i can include forms also manually with just inserting the following code:

    while the # stands for the ID of the form. The ID you can find when you go to the formbuilder plugin and click on manage – you see a list of all your forms with the ID on the left…


    Okay. I am back, unfortunately the solution before did bring up a new problem.
    Something with the qtranslate plugin and the formbuilder doesn’t work properly.

    Now it displays the english form if i click on the english version – BUT once i click on subbmit it jumps back to the german (default) form and the form is NOT submitted.

    Any ideas for a solution?

    Okay i am not sure but i see something that might be the cause.

    the url produced by the qtranslate plugin looks like this:
    Once I click on ‘send’, the &lang=en is missing…and it jumps to an url like this (Wohnungsanfrage_eng being the name of the form):

    [ Don’t bump, it’s not permitted here. ]

    Okay in the end i have decided not to use formbuilder, since i could not find a way around this problem.

    I wrote the forms now myself and implemented them.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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