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  • Hey everyone,
    I’m having a hard time as to why this is happening. I have website that has a 3 level deep menu using Categories.
    For example:
    main nav
    >> 2nd level
    >> 3rd level

    Any time I view a 2nd or 3rd level category, I’m getting back my 404.php page?? I have tried adding a post to all the categories but nothing seems to work?? Can WP Categories support this functionality or do I have to rely on pages to give this kind of structure?

    By the way this structure is needed as the URL’s are essential for our SEO.


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  • I have just found my issue was due to the removal of the category base from URL structure. I removed this via functions.php like so:

    function remove_category($link) {
    return str_replace(“/category/”, “/”, $link);
    add_filter(‘user_trailingslashit’, ‘remove_category’);

    So now I revise my issue,

    How do allow multi-level (nested) categories and remove the /category/ folder that displays in the URL?? 🙂


    Fixed my issue.

    Ultimately I had to rely on a plugin, but works great! WP No Category Base

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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