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  • Hi,

    I run a website selling sports lessons in the UK. We are looking to expand the venues we have to include some in Sweden.

    If i wanted to do this, which would be the best way?

    WordPress multi site, one English one Swedish.

    WPML, translate the lot. but does this create duplicate pages in the selected languages? or just serve the content in the selected language?

    I have used a translation plugin and managed to translate the test version of the website, but need to minimise the chance of an English customer buying a Swedish event. So if the pages are all on the same domain i dont know if this would suffice.

    I dont want to go through the whole set up of multiple sites or languages though if it is not worth it for 2 websites if i can just simply translate the pages.

    Although this part is plugin related, i run Event Espresso on the website which is limited to one currency. The translate option would be cheaper as i would need to buy extra licensing if i ran multisite or multilingual.

    I think my main questions are, as anybody done something similar? anybody who has used event espresso to run events and has found a way to work around the limitations of the plugin.

    I have asked on their support forums about this, but they say it is not a simple feature request.all i wanted really was to be able to assign two currencies and select the one for the country where the events are held. its gone from translating a website to possibly running two websites that do the same thing.

    Any input/suggestions/peoples experiences with this would be very much appreciated.Even just a couple of links to tutorials!

    Thanks in advance,


    PS. I know there is a multisite section on these forums, but it says if you’re not already running a MU install then thats the wrong forum. With wordpress being open source i couldnt find a ‘Pre sales’ area.

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  • Becky Davis


    WCEU 2016 Contributor

    I can’t answer the part about espresso only using one currency, but WPML basically creates sub-directories for each language. So yes, you create a duplicate page in Swedish, translate it and then the url changes from site/page-link to site/sw/page-link-translated-title. The 2 pages are linked and then the user can change languages on that page if you have the language switcher menu enabled.

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