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  • Hi mdd061000,

    Do you have a link and some examples you can have me look at? Also, have you tried deactivating all other plugins and/or reverting to the default WordPress theme to rule out any conflicts there?

    – Jonah

    Hey Jonahcoyote,

    I have the same issue, I have a multi day event (example event runs from June 28 till July 3) the event is only visible on June 28 in calender view.
    Since June 28th has already passed, it doesn’t even show on the list view, it assumed the event has expired.

    Example is on this link
    Check the event “Dubai Sports World 2013 that starts in June 21st”

    (I have try to deactivate all plugin and theme)

    Here’s another example of the issue. Vanilla wordpress, default theme, no other plugins.

    I have this issue too…among many. Really wishing that I hadn’t updated this plugin. <grrrrrrr>

    I have a 3-day event that is only showing up on the first day:

    Please advise…

    Same issue here, using Weaver theme.

    Can we get a confirmation that this is a bug and not the intended functionality of the new version of the plugin?

    Same issue here, tested both with Twenty Thirteen and TwentyTwelve. Also, i’m not sure if that’s related, but i’ve discovered another issue.

    When I open the following link: /events/2013-07-25/, i get a 404 not found issue, and a “Events for July 31, 2013” title. First, i have an event added for 25th of july, and second – i’m searching for 25th of july, not 31st of july.

    same problem…

    Okay, I found a way to fix the issue, sort of. The cause of the problem is a missing _EventDuration row in the postmeta table. I manually created rows for each event, and they now show up on all days.

    There is a bug somewhere in the code that is not creating the Event duration row in the postmeta table. I’m looking into it now, but some help from the devs would be appreciated.

    We have a hack solution that makes _EventDuration show up for future events.

    Once you make the changed, editing and re-saving existing events will fix them as well.

    For the sake of completion I’m going to post the solution here as well.

    This was posted by Ned Zimmerman

    I was able to fix this by adding ‘_EventDuration’ to the $metaTags array in lib/the-events-calendar-class.php as shown:

    public $metaTags = array(

    And by inserting the following after line 101 of lib/tribe-event-api.class.php:

    $data[‘EventDuration’] = $endTimestamp – $startTimestamp;

    The _EventDuration key was not being stored, as mdd061000 discovered, so I hacked this together to save it (as the duration in seconds). Would appreciate feedback from the developers—my past events page works now, at any rate.

    I’m not going to mark the thread as resolved until we get confirmation that a fix will be included in the next update to the plugin, but this should get everybody back up and running for now.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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