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    The free version is just for being viewed in your software.
    Do not try to set it up and select all worldwide countries in their groups.
    Then finding out that the other currency is NOT shown in your Cart page.

    Therefore you need………..yes, you guessed it, open your wallet!!!

    They say:
    The payment method depends on the Payment Gateway. If Payment Gateway does not support the currency, customers can not checkout with currency. Example: Paypal is not supported IDR, the Customer can not checkout IDR by Paypal.

    For years I’m getting Euro’s and USD payments and never had any problems in receiving my Payment.

    Anyway, The great plugin is a waste of time if you like to use the free version.

    8 Months later did the next plugin test and have changed from 1 star to 3 stars.
    You are able to select 2 currencies. For EU users this means leaving UK users to pay with Euro or US Dollar. Would very very nice if you select Euro that you also can use the UK Pound next to the US dollar and Euro.
    For me, this is the difference between 3 or 5 stars using this plugin.

    (edit) Select countries, a big wish is select Europe and all the countries single by single adding.

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