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  • Mike Rouse


    my project needs the comments to be reloaded into the screen without reloading the rest of the page. ajax springs to mind, but i don’t have much time to develop the site, so …

    i am trying to create a duplicate page that holds comments that are formatted differently on diff pages. i want the original single.php to stay in place with the original header and footer. i would like to create a duplicate single.php page that has no header/footer. ideally i would like to ref the comments.php directly, but this is not poss without using the popupcomments page.

    i have thought about a few solutions

    1. edit the single.php file, take off the header/footer (too dangerous? are there other requirements other than formatting here?). and then it may be poss to edit single.php to say “if querystring = true then show some formatting” but i would need to track whether what type of page it is. i haven’t been able to sucessfully use id’s in the urls yet.

    2. the popup method is fine, i can see the formatting is diff, but i am trying to split the window into 2 frames, 1 has a video, that must not be reloaded and 2nd window would have the comments with an auto-refresh.

    3. an iframe method would also be poss, but the url loses all the id information
    <IFRAME SRC=”/wordpress/index.php?p=1#comments” TITLE=”new”></IFRAME> – looks ok, but i need to ref a diff file

    4. poss to ref the commentspopup page directly and without using popups? from the code i can see that the enabling popups changes the header that sets a rule to make comments popup into a seperate window – prob not poss

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