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    I would like to design a blog that has 6 columns: left-most column is for adspace, next column is a side bar, next column is content, next column is content, next column is content and right-most column is adspace. Top has a horizontal banner for adspace.
    So the page would load with 3 articles showing simultaneously (reverse chrono order as normal), 2 adspace columns, one sidebar and a large horizontal ad banner space. How is this accomplished?

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  • Thea


    Personally I feel that would look too messy – have you ever seen any websites with that structure?

    Also bear in mind that although a lot of people have a widescreen now, there are still many users on old devices. That’s the reason so many webmasters are still designing on 900 wide and 1000 wide templates. I assume you’d need to make your site much wider to fit all that in – and people with old machines wouldn’t even see your leftmost or rightmost content.

    A magazine style layout would give you the ability to show multiple post excerpts and ads, maybe that would be suitable?

    Good point. What about a 4 col format? Is this possible?

    Yes, didn’t see the last part you wrote. A mag format would be great.

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