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Multi-category & sub-category navigation

  • Is there something that can already do this before I reinvent the wheel?

    I would like to have categories like:

    600g Reef Aquarium (where something like weight=1)
    210g FOWLR Aquarium (where something like weight=1)
    150g African Cichlid (where something like weight=1)
    55g Shark Aquarium (where something like weight=1)
    Fish (where something like weight=2)
    Inverts (where something like weight=2)
    Lighting (where something like weight=2)

    Then article <1> in “600g Reef…” & “Fish”
    Then article <2> in “600g Reef…” & “Lighting”
    Then article <3> in “210g FOWLR…” & “Fish”
    Then article <4> in “150g African…” & “Fish”

    And then have the navigation menu come out like:

    – 600g Reef Aquarium
    + Fish
    + Lighting
    – 210g FOWLR Aquarium
    – 150g African Cichlid Aquarium
    – 55g Shark Aquarium

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  • Hi I am also looking for something similar. I need to post

    subcategory 1 ( name and description )
    1 post from this subcategory

    subcategory 2 ( name and description )
    1 post from this subcategory
    . and so on.

    Eric Amundson


    Volunteer Moderator

    CbrMike – maybe I’m misunderstanding, but why don’t you just setup subcategories for Fish under all three main categories? Or, did you want to display the same subcategory with three, or more, parents?

    –edit– re-reading your post it sounds like you may be looking for Multiple Loops (see below) too if you’re wanting to have a page that displays articles from these categories. If you’re just trying to order your navigation, I think setting up, and using, subcategories might be all you need.

    nims – it sounds like you’re looking for Multiple Loops, where you’d have a loop running under subcat1 that would display the latest post from that category and another loop under subcat2 that would do the same from its category.

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