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  • Anyone here knows about a plugin or two which can enable me to do multi-blogs? I am running around 5 blogs now, and I hope I can put them under one site. I hope each blogs run as seperate wordpress blog, but share the same templates, and is located on different static pages.

    For eg.

    My main page is my personal blog. Then there’s navigation, just like the WordPress Pages feature, which navigate to my other blogs. And switching in between different blogs is just like different pages on a website/blog.

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  • is wordpress-Mu you mean?

    No, what I mean is like a multiple blogs running under 1 same erm, domain? They’re like one blog, but posts posted on different categories is showned on different pages.

    I believe wordpress already does this.

    WordPress comes with category specific archives built-in. Plus, with extensive use of the highly flexible theme system for WordPress, you can posts in different categories look different when viewed in either category view, or in single view.

    On your front page you could also call the latest 5 posts from each category under different headings if you wish.

    WordPress documentation is quite extensive when it comes to achieving this. Either delve into the depths of these support forums by searching, or take a look at the codex.

    The pages in particular you will want to read are located here:

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