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  • I want to set up a few blogs with some friends that will ideally work like this: We each have our own pages that display our personal entries ( something like displays bill’s entries, display’s mikes, etc.).
    I also want to have another page that collects all the entries into one page (, or, something like that).
    I know you can do multiple installs of WP and have them point to the same DB, but using different table names, except to be able to collect them all, i believe all the entries have to end up in the in the same tables, in which case all the entries show up in one palce.

    Seems like this can be done by using an install of WP at each subdomain, all of which point to the same database and tables, and then filtering each page using the author. The main collective page will just exclude the author filter.
    Is that possible / easy to do / already done somewhere else?

    I haven’t used wordpress at all yet, and i’m just about to set up the domain, but I’ve used movable type in the past, with which I did something more or less similar, although not across subdomains. However since the database can be specified in the multiple installs of WordPress, it seems like this will avoid any problems that might crop up due to subdomain issues. Any ideas or comments?

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  • I think your best–well, “easiest”– option is to collect the rss for each blog and post them this way on your aggregate page, using either somethig like Magpie, or the built-in rss aggregate tool in 1.5 (based on Magpie). For the latter, take a look at the rss portion of wp-admin/index.php, and wp-includes/rss-functions.php.

    Could one write a script that collects the posts for each blog straight from the database? Yes, though qualified by the fact that it wouldn’t be easy. And no, I haven’t seen it done yet.

    well, the thing is, my idea isn’t to collect posts from a bunch of blogs, cause that seems like a big pain in the ass, as you said.
    I was thinking to have one blog (i.e. one database and the tables that make up that blog) at, and a bunch of blogs which are really just pages that filter by author from that one database.
    how much of a pain do you think that would be?

    The issue is not exactly the single database setup (though admittedly that makes doing what you’re asking immeasurably less difficult).

    One hurdle, but a major one, is how WordPress focuses on data within the database, which is based on its table prefix (set through wp-config.php). A method for temporarily reassigning this to collect from the tables under each prefix would be at the heart of things. Also, if you plan to merge posts to display in chronological order instead of batched by each blog, you need to work with your own group of array variables to gather and sort them. And if you get this down solid, there’s no assurance the various WP template functions you’ll need to work with will take kindly to your reckless disregard for their uni-blog ways, so it’s possible some, or many, and maybe even all would need to be incorporated and rewritten in your own code.

    I’ve spent time trying to figure out what something like this would take in WordPress, as I also ran several blogs on MovableType for a while with a combined blogs page. WP is not a multi-blog/single interface system, and that puts some walls in the way. I’m certain it can be done, but you’re not looking at a few small hacks and it’s a go.

    Anyway, with that out of my system… see the Alternative Projects section here:

    It’s possible one comes close to what you’re after. Especially Allan Mertner’s Virtual Blogs concept:

    Choosing and configuring the engine for

    I have a similar need. I have roughly 20 potential users, each one would have their own sub-blog at blah/someone or blah/someonelse. then all these blog entries would be aggregated at blah/.

    installing multiple versions of WP seems ridiculous. and i’d like the administrator to be able to go in and edit or clean up these blogs without having to bounce back and forth between versions of WP.

    here’s my thought: creating a new catagory for each user, and hacking the backend so that a given user can only post in his/her corresponding category. then the specific “user blogs” are just filtered versions of the main blog, excluding all categories except the given category.

    would this work? and how back-breaking would it be to hide the category field on the “write post” backend page for users below a certain admin level and assign these categories through a separate admin page?

    There’s a limit categories plugin under ‘Restrictions’ on the plugin Wiki.

    I think it restricts based on user level, not author so not sure if it work work exactly. Could probably be hacked

    Hello ctsrar: We are trying to do what you describe.
    We have WP blogs at:

    And I want do to create an uber-WP blog to aggregate posts made to those blgos. The uber-blog would be the parent. It would display posts chronologically, with code in the post title to include a link back to the child blog.

    So essentially, when a blogger posts to his blog, that entry gets posted simultaneously to the parent blog.

    They seem to be doing this in Denver:
    (Yes, I already asked them how. We hope to talk with them Friday.)

    Any clue how to kluge this one?

    We needed the same thing, so we created a plugin solution that should give you what you are looking for (or at least get you close):

    Check out the Level10 Blog Matrix Plugin here

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