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  • I am using WP on multiple sites at the moment and two of them are mine. One is on my laptop (mostly to share with coworkers and to keep a diary of work stuff) and one is my live site I end up using my local blog a lot more often then my public one. I would love to be able to have entries submitted to multiple places. There are entries that I end up placing in both blogs so this would be great.
    I can create the Hack myself but I thought that this would be a great feature for advanced bloggers everywhere.
    The most important issue would be security but that can be over come. just make sure that each blog is linked (aware of the other)This can be done two ways one have specific a URL registered for each blog or assign a key to each. The URL way is the most simple and the Key way is much more secure.
    Tell me what you guys think and am I missing anything important inside or outside secutity.

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  • w.Bloggar does that i assume…
    if i assume right abt what u want. and then there is:

    I am not able to determine if it can send the single entry that I create to multiple blogs at the same time. Why? because I’m on a mac.
    I would want to go in a more Cross-Platform direction. In the end it is not that much code. I like the UI for WP and I like using it. This feature once made can be easily expanded to shoot off the entry in many directions.

    I agree with this concept, except that I would want it to work a bit differently. I have multiple blogs sharing a common database. Many times I make a post that would be relevant in multiple blogs. Rather than create duplicate entries, I would prefer to be able to make the entry once, but display it with multiple blogs…
    No need to create duplicate data.

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