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Multi blog for subdomain only?

  • I just upgraded to 3.0 and was looking forward to using the multi blog function. I have a website which currently runs 5 wordpress installations, one in root plus 4 sub-directories. I was hoping to migrate the subdirectory blogs into the main root installation, but if sudirectory mutli-blogs is not possible, then I cannot. So, is it possible? So far only read that the only way to do a multi-blog is to add a wildcard subdomain and use subdomains. Is this true? WPMU allowed subdirectories didn’t it?

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  • Sure it does subdirectories. Here’s the catch: the main blog gets a /blog/ stuffed in the permalink to prevent collisions with other blog names. So, by default, if your blog is older than 30 days, it disables this option. But! You can override it manually after install. then you can override the /blog/ part via plugin.

    How would one override this manually?

    Sounds a bit messy. Will have a play in test I think.

    Yeah, it’s messy and yeah we’ve discussed it in a few threads for those willing to play. 🙂

    Running a network of sites is a little more involved. 🙂 If you’re willing to do stuff like this occasionally, then you’ll do fine.

    Yeah, I will need to do it just once, unless changes are overridden each time I upgrade.

    Can you point me to the threads please? Thanks.

    I think you need a server and change configuration for that otherwise the easier way is to create a network with directory and create manualy subdomain with kind or redirection

    Sounds easier to leave it as it is to me! i.e. 5 WP installs. The real pain in multiple installs was updating plugins but now bulk update is here, have 5 installs is not so bad after all. Less strain for each database to handle too.

    No, it doesn’t need server config and it will not need to be re-done on upgrades.

    Create the network as shown in the codex.

    then, go back to the wp-confgi.php file, find the line that says subdomains true. Change it to false. Presto. Now you will have subfolder blogs.

    Go in the backend, under Super Admin -> Sites and edit the main site. scroll down and take out all instances of /blog/ Save.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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