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  • I’m building a news-driven blog in which invited guest authors will respond to a question of the day (posted by a moderator), and readers will join in the conversation via comments. (Think of the National Journal’s Experts blog or Politico’s The Arena, but with comments threaded in.) Seems simple, but the basic architecture has me stumped.

    • The native WordPress approach to this would seem to be a new entire blog for each question, but that’s administratively unsupportable.
    • I could make each question a post from the moderator, and then have both guest authors and readers weigh in via comments, using CSS to graphically highlight the author contributions. But then I can’t dynamically build lists and archives of author postings, because they won’t be posts — they’ll be comments.
    • Or I could try some variation of the Inline Post or AJAXed WordPress plugins to embed author posts into a “master” post for each question, though that requires constant admin monitoring and page tweaking.

    Can anyone point me toward a better way to accomplish this goal? Or if a blog with these capabilities is simply unsuited to WordPress, can you steer me to another blogging tool that won’t cause such deep head-size dents in my cubicle walls? Thanks.

    ~ Steve McConnell

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Give the guest authors a login and make them Contributors. Contributors can’t publish, by default, so their posts will be drafts until somebody with Author or higher status approves them. Each question is a post, attributed to that contributor.

    Since each post will be actually attributed to the author of it, CSS of .by-post-author can highlight their comments, and the /author/whatever archive pages will work correctly.

    But will this give me a page (the original question-post) that also includes the response-posts of several guest authors (Contributors), and the comments those response-posts generate? I’m not seeing how these would all be displayed on a single page so that readers could follow the full conversation in one place.

    (I am OK with the invited guest authors having Author permissions, and thus being able to publish their posts directly and without review, unless adding the review requirement somehow makes it possible to achieve my multiple-posts-on-a-page desire.)

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Posts can’t respond to other posts, so no, that’s not right. Other authors will have to comment on the original post like any other comment.

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